Puma UltraRide Runner ID Shoes Women

SKU: 4062452951992

₹ 8,999

The Puma UltraRide Runner ID shoe is a dynamic and lightweight sports shoe model because it was created from a reductionist idea of the model that seeks to eliminate unnecessary elements and link the shoe to the history of the Olympics. Consequently it presents a model with a light and airy instep with a lower structure to improve support. The midsole is made of PROFOAMLITE which helps to cushion the impact between the ground and the propulsion phase. Sole lugs save weight and add breathability to the shoe with a visible sock, while the rubber surface maximizes power transfer at the toe.

- Upper: Breathable
- Midsole: Improve your propulsion
- Sole: PROFOAMLITE foam, lightweight cushion
- Heel: 26 mm
- Forefoot: 14 mm
- Drop: 12 mm
- Weight: 245 g

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