Skechers Seager - Umpire Walking Shoe

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₹ 4,999
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  • Great cushioning

    Feel comfortable all day long! Memory Foam technology provides great cushioning and adapts to the unique shape of your feet.

  • Slip-on and off

    Always in a hurry, and every minute of the day is precious? Choose the extremely functional, slip-on shoes, that you can put on in one motion!

  • Material interior

    The interior of these shoes is lined with a soft and abrasion-resistant material. This model is perfect for everyday as well as active lifestyles.

  • Flat for everyday

    Whether you’re in the city, at work or in the park – your comfort matters everywhere! Shoes on a flat sole will make everyday activities easier, without tiring your feet.

  • Durable insole

    The shoes have a soft insole made from durable, and abrasion-resistant material. Enjoy maximum comfort during your daily activities.

  • Material sole

    The sole of these shoes is made from high-quality material, which will provide with high quality use. With the proper care, these everyday shoes will last you for years!

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